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Montessori Institute of Milwaukee at Alverno College

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The Montessori Institute of Milwaukee at Alverno College offers both AMI Primary and Elementary Teacher Diplomas.


Our Programs

The AMI certified Montessori Institute of Milwaukee (MIM) training programs prepare teachers to work in Montessori classes with children 3 to 6 years old (primary) and children 6 to 12 years old (elementary).
  • The Primary and Elementary diplomas can be earned after successful completion of our Multi-Summer Programs

Location: Alverno College, 3400 S. 43rd Street, PO Box 342922, Milwaukee, Wi 53234

Telephone: (414) 382-6560

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Learn By Doing

Courses are offered in multi-summer modules as approved by the AMI Scientific Pedagogy Group. The course program includes lectures, seminars and demonstrations covering Montessori philosophy, child development and information on the presentation of Montessori materials.

Each course also includes significant components of observation, supervised practice using the didactic materials, material making and scheduled sessions of teaching practice. Students prepare individual albums which detail the purpose, use, and presentation of each piece of material.

“A Montessori approach to education is based on and meets the needs of the child in each stage of his development; each fully experienced and realized stage prepares the child for the following periods of growth. This method allows the child to develop more fully the potentialities of his personality and does so according to a plan compatible with the natural development of human beings. If the natural development of the human being is nourished and properly prepared at each stage, the transformation from birth to adult will reveal a beautiful unfolding of life’s possibilities and will allow the child to reach the full potential with which he is born.”

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Location: Alverno College, 3400 S. 43rd Street, PO Box 342922, Milwaukee, Wi 53234

Telephone: (414) 382-6560

Email: [email protected]

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Montessori Institute of Milwaukee, Inc., does not discriminate with respect to its faculty, staff, students, employees or any other relationship within the corporation on the basis of race, color, sex, handicap, religion, national or ethnic origin.